Our Services


1. Diet Counseling

We do Individualized nutritional counseling to provide the patient important insight into food-related illnesses and education regarding how various nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat, alcohol) affect illnesses or obesity. Alternatively, dietary counseling can assist in prevention of nutrition-related conditions such as the need for weight management.
Dietary counseling is tailored to meet the treatment needs of patients on diagnosis of specific illnesses, we help reduce complications and/or side effects, and to improve general well-being. Prevention at all levels: primary (preventing disease), secondary (early diagnosis), and tertiary (preventing or slowing deterioration) requires active patient participation and guidance and support from the dietician or physician. Education, motivation, and counseling are needed for effective patient participation. In addition to patient education, our dietary counseling includes meal planning

2. Analytical Food Labs Consultancy

Food analysis looks at the sensory, chemical, microbiological and physical properties of food and drink, and is an important part of quality assurance, regulatory compliance and product development. Food analysis is required for a wide variety of reasons ‑ from testing suitability for purpose, through checking shelf-life or authenticity, to assuring legal compliance.
Gavofoods will play a major role in providing assistance in areas of food nutrition, food quality & food safety testing to various food industry segments through routine chemical and microbiological tests. Consult our expertise on practical knowledge.

3. Food safety and hygiene

According to WHO, Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety starts from production and ends in consumption. Anywhere in between, you may end up eating contaminated food. Really! Nobody wants that. I guess not you obviously! The principles of food hygiene and safety is going to change the way you see the food and handle it.
The best way to achieve food hygiene and safety in a food business is through food safety training and education. Food Handlers and operators must be trained in basic food safety concepts and practical skills. Consult our Expertise on this topic of Food Safety and Hygiene

4. Therapeutic Nutrition Consultancy

GavoFoods Nutritional Consulting and Therapy is working on personalized nutrition, designed specifically for individuals depending on their health status, physical activity and lifestyle which helps to prevent and provide support for medical treatment of chronic diseases with excellent interdisciplinary knowledge, skill and experience on Internal Medicine, Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition.

5. Business Operations Mentorship/Coach

Having gone through struggles and challenges in building our business venture from the scratch, we have gained entrepreneurship experience that we would like to give back to the community by mentoring others in their earlier stages of business.
We are looking to forward partnering with organizations who are looking mentors. Book an appointment